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We featured a limited selection of pieces by some of the finest contemporary artists in Japan.


100% of your purchase goes toward supporting either the artist, or the local Tokyo fine arts community.


We guarantee the authenticity of every piece in our gallery.

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日本画 画像
アクリル画 画像
日本画 画像
日本画 画像
日本画 画像
アクリル画 画像
アクリル画 画像
Street Art

From the artist, to you...

Have you ever wondered if you were the exact person the artist had in mind as they created their work? All artwork is handcrafted and one of a kind, after all. So if something snags the eye, speaks to you, or sparks some joy, why not take it home?

From you, to the artist...

I remember the first time I saw it. I still feel the same way every time I turn that same corner in my house, every time it catches my eye.

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Oil / Tempera
Japanese Style
Pastel / Drawings
油彩 画像
版画 画像
Sculpture / 3D

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日本画 画像
Under ¥10,000
アクリル画 画像
Under ¥30,000
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Under ¥50,000
アクリル画 画像
Above ¥50,000

About Shiromuji


Gallery Shiromuji is based in Japan and routinely exhibits its artwork online. It is a space for artists to present and sell their work to art enthusiasts everywhere. Please browse our website for the latest work, exhibitions, and lectures from our artists.

Many of our artists are frequent attendees of the Tokyo Artists League of Life Drawing (TAL), a studio located in the heart of Tokyo. Much of the art displayed on the website has been drawn, painted, or sculpted there.

We also feature members from other areas in Japan. These artists contribute a variety of styles and fresh energy to the group. Their art ranges from unique traditional crafts to modern paintings. As we update our online gallery, you may witness our artistic growth as both individuals and as a collective.

A Message from the Founder

As founder and director of the TAL, I have put my heart and soul into these studio workshops which will be coming up in our 7th year. One of my life's passions is giving artists the space to explore their styles and media through work with life models. Because of this, I created Gallery Shiromuji to give my fellow artists a platform to exhibit their art to the world and connect them to those looking for their new favorite pieces. I hope each visitor to our website will be able to find an art that speaks to them. If you are interested, we invite you to purchase artwork to support an artist and their vision. By owning art that is handcrafted, you will have a one-of-a-kind piece that will hopefully add a little extra color to your life.