Group Exhibition ‘Mere Drop of a Little Bird’

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Group Exhibition
'Mere Drop of a Little Bird'

2024.7.27 (Sat.) - 2024.8.4 (Sun.)
Closed on 29 (Mon.) and 30 (Tue.)

12 pm - 7 pm
Closes at 5 pm on the last day

【Wool felt】Miwa Utsunomiya @cotorifelt
【Ceramic art】Keiko Hozumi @hozumikko
【Chalk art】Motomi Masuda @littlebird.mtm
【Cloisonne enamel】luce @luce.ka
【Japanese painting】Ayaka Kowase @mamezou_bunchoin
【Japanese painting】Mei Suzawa @meisuzawa
【CG illustrations and goods】mililie @mililie.birds
【Wool felt】Muu @muumuu_factory
【CG illustrations and goods】Sachiko Okada @okada._parrot
【Woodworking】Kobo Nishioka @kobo_nishioka
【Metal carving】Tsutsuchi wa @tsutsuchi.wa

With one stroke, with one stitch, with one thought.
Knowing that this small handiwork will lead to someone else’s inspiration and happiness,
we have collected the works of such artists.

A tiny drop of water in a tiny bird’s mouth is just a drop in a big world.
To accumulate such small things is a very big thing.

Imagining someone’s smile, without taking the easy way out, but with care.

We deliver what we can do now on a bird.


【Japanese painting】
Ayaka Kowase

Ayaka started drawing pictures of her beloved birds, which led her to learn to draw independently, and she started her activities in 2015.
She draw ‘small creatures’ such as birds, insects, plants and flowers that she have been familiar with since childhood.

【Ceramic art】
Keiko Hozumi
Kobo Nishioka

The artists create wooden wildlife.
A rounded shape that makes you feel at home in your hands.
Transparent woodwork that makes the most of the grain of the wood.
【Cloisonne enamel】

Luce produces accessories and small objects mainly featuring animals using the cloisonne technique.
Please enjoy the cute friends and the shiny texture of cloisonne enamel.
The artist is also an instructor at Studio Sakami’s cloisonne class in Naka-Okachimachi.

【CG illustrations and goods】
Sachiko Okada

The birds are drawn in CG (Adobe Illustrator).
The asrtist continues to draw them every day so that she can express their colourful, interesting personalities and lovable appearance itself.

【Wool felt】
Miwa Utsunomiya

The artsit makes tiny birds that make you fall in love when you see them eye to eye.
Put it in the palm of your hand and feel its warmth.

【Metal carving】
Tsutsuchi wa
【Japanese painting】
Mei Suzawa

The artists shows Japanese paintings of small birds on a round panel and several postcards. Please find one you like.

【Wool felt】
【Chalk art】
Tomomi Masuda

Chalk art is familiar from café signs, but you can actually draw realistic birds. Please take a look at the chalk art birds that can be delicately produced with oil pastels on a board, right down to their fur.

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