Eunsam Lee (이은샘)

Artist / Illustrator


Short Biography

2021-2023: Enrolled in Medical Illustration MFA, Rochester Institute of Technology, NY, USA 

2018-2020: Graduated with a master’s degree in Medical Science, Tsukuba University, Japan

2018-current: Member of Tokyo Artists League 

Recent Achievements

‘Muse Award’ from All Japan Art Materials Association, Tokyo
Featured in exhibitions at nine venues throughout Japan from January to September 2021

2021 (Apr.): Shortlisted for the 3rd Bumpodo Award
Three pastel artworks exhibited in Bumpodo Gallery, Tokyo

2021: 3 drawings, 'Super Pot English' Level 1 & 2, Woongjin Think Big

2020: Children's book illustration for Langsoc (educational publisher, Seoul, South Korea)

18 drawings, ‘English Founder Student Book 1 to 6’, TalkingClub

Eunsam Lee ‘真夏’
Bumpodo Virtual Gallery

Works for Sale

21cm×33cm (8.27 in×13.0 in)
With frame
42,570 JPY